The Power of Propolis

Whether you are a skincare guru or merely starting your skincare journey, by this point you may have noticed propolis showing up on beauty shelves everywhere. No doubt has it been a popular year for this remarkable ingredient. Which left me wondering...what is it, specifically, about this naturally produced bee-product that makes it so special? Turns out, propolis is by no means new to the game and its' healing properties have been utilized for centuries. 

So what exactly is propolis? 

Sometimes referred to as ‘bee glue,’ this resin-like substance is produced by bees when building the honeycomb structure of their hive, commonly offering protection from weather and outsiders. When it comes to beauty products, propolis is well known for its many medicinal properties which allow it to aid in the treatment and nourishment of various skin conditions (such as skin healing and recovery). 

Benefits of Propolis 

1. ACNE FIGHTING: Thanks to its' anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, propolis helps prevent and fight off various types of acne-causing bacteria. 

1. PROTECTS FROM FREE RADICALS: Packed with anti-oxidants, it protects against harmful everyday damage such as sun exposure, air pollution, and radiation. 

3. SKIN HEALING AND RECOVERY: Propolis is great for helping our skin recover and heal. Whether its acne scarring, redness, or dark spots propolis assists cell reformation for a quicker recovery. 

4. FULL OF ANTI-ANGING PROPERTIES: Many benefits of propolis help speed up the collagen production of skin cells which help maintain a healthy skin barrier and prevent aging. 


 Suitable Skin Types

- Acne Prone Skin 

- Fungal Acne


-Dull, Tired Complexion

-Sensitive Skin 

-Oily, Combination, and Dry Skin 

Favorite Propolis Products 


COSRX Propolis Light Ampoule 

This ampoule helps heal stressed skin and reduce redness. Its lightweight and hydrating formula, made with 83% Propolis Extract,  provides antioxidants for all skin types in a smooth and cooling gel-like consistency. 


PureHeals Propolis Softening Toner 

This dual functioning toner contains propolis extract to brighten and nourish the skin, while gently exfoliating with the use of Salicylic Acid. The almost water-like consistency goes on light and smooth, removing dead skin cells without causing irritation. It is the perfect balance... ultimately leaving you with soft and glowing skin. 


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