The most luxury facial cream, SEKKISEI CREAM EXCELLENT

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As the weather is cooling down, I’m reaching for more rich products, like this cream. Sekkisei is a J-Beauty brand that combines traditional Japanese herbs and scientific research for the highly effective products. This cream contains several extracts for moisturizing, hydrating, and brightening. My favorite herbal extract I spy is Korean Ginseng, which activates skin cell function. I also see great ingredients like glycerin, squalane, and Job’s tears. 🌿

My experience with this cream has been really positive. It is a thick cream with a light herbal scent that doesn’t bother me. This moisturizer contains dimethicone, which gives it a nice feeling on the skin that I enjoy. Some people with super oily skin don’t like the feeling of dimethicone, but it’s nice under makeup with my combo/oily skin! I haven’t been able to see any brightening effects yet, but I’m excited to keep using this product when my skin needs some extra moisture.



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Sekkisei was founded on the principle of including natural herbal ingredients that have been used throughout Asia for centuries to provide incredible benefits. In particular, their Cream Excellent utilizes a potent combination of seven different herbal extracts to brighten, moisturize, plump, and increase elasticity and firmness of the skin. Plus it can prevent signs of aging from the sun’s harsh UV rays.
✨ Right away, as with all of their products, I was impressed with the luxurious, weighty blue packaging. Taking off the lid revealed the rich, decadent formula that goes on smoothly to provide my skin with a nice layer of hydration even with just a tiny bit. I feel like it’s the perfect remedy for winter’s harsh winds and freezing temps that cause dry, cracked skin. There’s a light powdery scent that you can sense both in the jar and for a short time as it soaks into the skin. Then you’re left only with a super smooth feeling and radiant glow! 👀 Swipe to see #skincareswatch and more!


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