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Forest Diffuser - Cypress Dawn 100ml
What is it? The delicate, clean scent of cypress leaves that are moistened by fog at quiet dawn when it rains. Key features Accord Top note : Aromatic, Bergamot, Eucalyptus Middle note : Pine, Rose, Lavender Base note : Cedarwood,...
Cypress Clean Spray - Cypress Forest 160ml
What is it? A fragrant spray of cypress forest that gives you calms your mind and provides a comfortable experience. Key features The scent of this product lasts for 48 hours, giving a pleasant experience. This product is completed for...
New Best
Cactus Diffuser - Honeybunny Cactus
What is it? Like a cactus flowerpot, creating a special atmosphere on the desk.It is not just a common stick, but a cactus-shaped gypsum stick with a function of diffuser and green interior effect.A little friend on the desk, small...
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