3 Reasons to Love Clean Beauty Brand KEEP COOL


We have been some of KEEP COOLS’ biggest fans for quite some time now. Ever since their launch in 2015, we continuously find ourselves in awe of their amazing ingredient lists and ability to pave their own path in the skincare industry, making them a real contender helping us all fight the battle for healthy and glowing skin. But what is it about their brand making them a must-have in your skincare collection?

KEEP COOL Offers the Perfect Solutions For All Skin Types. 

Whether you have dry, sensitive, dull, or difficult skin, KEEP COOL has products suitable to you and safe enough to use every day. Their three major collections Keep Calm And Soothe (soothing), Keep Calm and Ocean (hydrating), and Keep Calm and Shine (Brightening and Nourishing) are each designed to target a specific skin concern. However, the powerhouse of ingredients incorporated into these products allow for each collection to extend their healing properties waay beyond the targeted concern and onto all skin types. It is clear KEEP COOL does skincare their own way. From the specialized technology that gives them their name to the Northern European style of packaging (also sent with stickers to customize your products), welcome to the land of clean, easy, and impactful Korean Skincare. 

Ingredients That Work 

I mentioned the use of powerhouse ingredients. KEEP COOL has always sought natural and premium ingredients for their products, embodying the power of nature is what they do best. At the heart of KEEP COOL is a unique ingredient blend created by combining three natural antipyretic herbs used in traditional Korean medicine (Scutellaria Baicalensis, Lonicerae Flos, and Forsythia Fruit). These ingredients lower the skin temperature and help keep the optimal conditions in order to achieve healthy skin (hence the name KEEP COOL). As they say, one of the biggest causes of skin aging is the rise in skin temperature. Increased skin temperatures can cause sebum secretion, pore expansion, and increase the possibility of skin problems. Although the brand philosophy operates on the sophisticated, yet fun side of simplicity, they make sure their ingredients utilize the POWER that can be found in using simple, clean, natural, and cruelty-free ingredients. Not to mention all are free of fragrance and essential oils. 

For example, their KEEP COOL and SOOTHE Bamboo Toner. It wasn’t until I got this product into my own hands and tried it for myself when I discovered just how astonishingly impactful this ingredient list. Made from 85% Bamboo extract, it is known to be a deeply hydrating toner full of antioxidant and skin healing properties. Formulated with non-comedogenic ingredients, this toner is suitable for all ranges of skin types and can truly do it all. Some of its' superstar ingredients include 

Phyto Green Shower: to protect and soothe skin while minimizing pores 

Low & High Molecular Hyaluronic Acid: to deeply hydrate 

And Polyglutamic Acid: which helps your skin absorb and retain moisture. 

This toner is mild, gentle, and has a water-like consistency that immediately nourishes the skin. The Soothe Bamboo Toner easily made it as one of my skincare favorites within a couple of weeks.

Good Products, Good People, Good Brand

The philosophy of Keep Cool deserves an honorable mention. They so effortlessly achieve the status of a cool, lifestyle skincare brand based on clean ingredients, innovative technology, accessible prices, and a radiating identity that’s hard to come by. But what really determines the integrity of a brand is its ability to keep it real with consumers, providing them with products that truly work and with initiatives that truly help others. When researching this brand in detail, I found their initiatives to help others stemmed beyond the ingredients and labels of their products. For example, in 2019 KEEP COOL launched a cosmetic campaign that donated various products to the female youth of low-income families in Korea. One of many donations aimed to increase the quality of life for female adolescents. CEO Lee Seong-yeon states “We will continue to strive to become a good brand that contributes to society through various activities.”

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