Finding The Perfect Sheet Mask For Your Skin Type

Mediheal sheet masks
Koreas #1 Brand of Sheet Masks

If you’re anything like us, you are in a constant search for the perfect sheet mask. Over the past few years sheet masks have exploded. These days, they are EVERYWHERE and shopping for sheet masks can be quite overwhelming. We are faced with a multitude of different brands and benefits to choose from, with not a lot of guidance when it comes to whats right for us individually. Today, my goal is to help navigate you through the endless world of sheet masks by introducing one of our favorite brands to the blog...Mediheal!

With five sheet masks sold every second, MEDIHEAL is Korea’s #1 sheet mask brand. Over the past 10 years, MEDIHEAL has grown into an established global beauty brand with a sole mission: to create an affordable one-sheet solution to your specific and changing daily skincare needs. As seen on GQ, SokoGlam, Allure, Buzzfeed, and more, they house a vast selection of sheet masks (+ other skincare), providing a wide range of solutions for all skin types at an affordable price.To learn more about some of Mediheals Hero products, and how to get them on sale...keep reading! 

Meet The Sheet Mask Heroes

Mediheal has put together their 6 best selling masks into a Hero Pack available for purchase- the perfect opportunity to trial each mask and see which works best for you!  Featured in this set costing $11.94 (for 6 masks!!) includes :

1. NMF Intense Hydrating Mask (1 sheet) 

Hydrating sheet mask

“Heavy duty hydration in 15 minutes.” This mask is formulated with Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) that replenish your skin of naturally occurring ingredients such as humectants, lipids, amino acids, sugars, minerals, peptides, and more. It also incorporates willow bark to help soothe and refresh the skin. This mask takes on the important role of repairing snd strengthening you skins moisture barrier, resulting in healthy and hydrated skin for the long run. 

2. Tea Tree Essential Blemish Control Mask (1 sheet) 

Great for sensitive skin and known for it’s ultimate calming experience, the tea tree mask is by far one of the most refreshing and replenishing masks I have ever tried. Infused with a naturally clarifying elixir of herbal extracts, it starts working right away to minimize signs of trouble. Willow bark exfoliates buildup, while purifying rosemary + tea tree oil deep clean your pores. Whether you need a mask to get your skin back on track, or you just want a relaxing pick me up throughout the week, this is the perfect mask for all skin types. 

3. Collagen Essential Lifting & Firming Mask (1 sheet) 

This mask is so easy to love (well, they all are). Just like each mask in the set, it is ultra hydrating and offers such a great spa-like experience in the comfort of your home. This super conditioning collagen mask is made with hydrolyzed collagen + elastin to elevate your skin’s tone and texture with a replenishing boost of peptides, beta-glucan, and aloe vera. Not only does this mask leave your skin soft to the touch, but helps heal acne scars while playing its part in protecting you from daily damage caused by aging free radicals such as air pollution and UV rays. 

4. W.H.P Brightening & Hydrating Charcoal Mask (1 sheet) 

This complexion-perfecting charcoal face mask visibly wakes up dull, tired-looking skin with an instant flush of hydration. Made with niacinimide, aquaxyl, and acai fruit Extract, it is filled with antioxidants targeting uneven skin tone and texture. 

5. D.N.A Hydrating Protein Mask (1 sheet) 

This innovative bamboo sheet mask is submerged in a creamy, luxurious serum that soaks your skin with heavy duty hydration in nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, squalane, 19 fortifying amino acids and peptides. It will leave your skin glowing, plump, and strong. 

6. H.D.P Photoready Tightening Charcoal Mask (1 sheet) 

Using an advanced High Definition Perfection (HDP) solution, this clarifying mask works to blur away texture and imperfections on your skin. Shine-absorbing Binchotan charcoal minimizes your pores, while energy boosting adenosine and pomegranate leave your skin smooth and refined, ready to take on any day. 

This 6 pack of sheet masks is a collection made to treat a variety of different skin concerns for all skin types. There is something for every individual to benefit from, making the brand so easy to love. Mediheal categorizes itself as a “beauty science” company, offering beauty solutions with a scientific approach, and was built upon on the founder’s belief that everyone should be empowered to reach their full beauty potential. Through the entire month of February, you can shop Mediheal products 30% off with code MEDIHEAL30 here. Next time you are in the market to stock up on some sheet masks, we highly recommend Mediheal!

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