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Puppy Diffuser - Happy poodle

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How-to Use


What is it?

Sweet and fruity floral scent diffuser.
A lovely poodle gone out for a walk filled with beautiful flowers. You will feel happier everyday with the poodle diffuser’s sweet, fruity, floral fragrance.

Key features

  • Accord
  • Top note : Pear, Green, Peach
  • Middle note : Rose, Lilac
  • Base note : Musk

* As per the feature of the gypsum reed, it takes 2-3 days for the dried diffuser solution to absorb to the end and to become completely smelt.

Dipropylene Glycol Methyl Ether, Fragrance, Water, Alcohol

  • Remove the cap, insert the wood ring
  • Put in the puppy gypsum reed into the bottle.

  • * Tip: The caps are firmly pressed and attached to prevent leakage. To easily remove the cap, carefully pull out the cap using scissors. It may take 10-20 days for the dry gypsum reed to fully absorb the diffuser.

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