Honey & Macadamia Nature Shampoo & Protein Treatment Duo Pack - White Musk




How-to Use


This Bundle Contains :

- 718ml Nature Shampoo

- 718ml Protein Treatment

🌿 Elevate Your Hair Care with the KUNDAL Basic Kit! 🌿

Welcome to the world of exceptional hair care with our KUNDAL Nature Shampoo and Protein Treatment - all in one beautifully packaged basic kit. Here are the standout features that make this kit a must-have:

✨ Natural Extract Infusion for Hair Revitalization:

💧 Macadamia Seed Oil Extract for Ultimate Nourishment:

🌱 Pure and Safe, Rigorously Tested:

Your hair's safety is our priority. We've subjected our products to rigorous testing and proudly excluded 10 harmful ingredients, including parabens, P-hydroxybenzoic Acid, and Benzophenone. Experience a pure and safe cleansing journey that indulges and pampers your hair, without any compromises. 🌟

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